Unrivalled technology and cuisine: Ducasse sur Seine

Ducasse sur Seine is a brand new restaurant boat offering regular cruises along the Seine, not far from the Eiffel Tower. This exceptional all-round experience is afforded not only by its outstanding cuisine, but also by the on-board automation facilities, which were developed and installed by KEB Automation.

1 g of CO2, per passenger, per km

In comparison to the 150 grams of CO2 per passenger per kilometre emitted by an average restaurant boat powered by conventional diesel or diesel-electric drives, the new restaurant by Alain Ducasse releases just a single gram of CO2.

The drive and motor technology at the heart of the vessel was designed and built by a group of companies under the leadership of SFMNI, the French market leader for civil nautical motorisation and industrial energy. KEB’s role in the project revolved around the motors, on-board electrical system and general automation, while ZF Marine took care of the directional azimuth drives. The group also included a battery supplier.

The fundamental concept involves two fully autonomous engine rooms, with redundancy designed to ensure full mobility and operation of the vessel should one of the drive systems fail. Both engine rooms are fitted with independent battery packs which, by means of a DC bus, supply the energy necessary for the drive and for the operation of equipment.

Drive and on-board electrical system

The vessel’s tours along the Seine are powered by a front and rear KEB drive train comprising an asynchronous motor with COMBIVERT F5-K drive controller.

The vessel is controlled and steered by azimuth engines from ZF Marine including a certified remote-control system, which is also controlled via COMBIVERT. It is driven by liquid-cooled motors from KEB along with ZF engines.

Control system

The centralised controls and complete functional display are provided by a C6 E22 panel PC featuring dual CAN communication. The entire drive system and energy management facilities are connected to this PC in series (in connection with the BMS and battery charging equipment).

Together with ZF and SFMNI, the team at KEB France designed all of the control cabinets and implemented the C6 panel PC programs in the engine room and wheelhouse.

Enjoy Paris every day

More than 700 cruises are planned each year. These feature a two-hour journey through Paris without unpleasant noise, vibrations or environmental pollution, along with unparalleled service, comfort and a culinary experience like no other. The 300-tonne vessel, measuring 38 metres long, can even hold up to 200 passengers.