KEB at Interlift 2017 - Lift solutions for high performance systems

Lift solutions for high performance systems

Whenever it's about going up, designing the system to be high quality, rapid and comfortable, or moving particularly high loads - then KEB is the first choice for fitting optimum drive systems.
Equipped with KEB lifting technology, several thousand lift systems in Europe, America and Asia are now doing their job reliably every day and transporting millions of people to the highest level and to the right floor.

Lift systems for conventional apartment blocks or administrative and industrial buildings are mainly covered by highly economic, conventional standard systems.
But when special tasks are set or individual wishes need to be fulfilled, the specialists get to work and make these solutions possible with wide variations. Here, KEB helps you find the right drive - universal drive regulators for lift systems are available in applications from 0.75 … 250 kW for almost every load, speed or motor design.

Particular emphasis is placed on energy efficiency and network compatibility of systems, as well as optimized efficiency of the drive controller, preferably in operation with synchronous motors, energy recovery from generator loads constitutes a further potential for system optimisation. The R6 recovery units are simple to install and, in combination with harmonic filters, provide network-compatible power generation. For the highest demands, Active Front End Systems with sinusoidal currents are used.

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