Great Performance in a small package

KEB COMBIVERT F6 in housing 7 and 8

Inverters and variable speed drives at KEB are called DRIVE CONTROLLERS and can be used universally for every motor technology, as well as being functionally prepared for the drive tasks of speed, torque and position control.
The new series of
KEB COMBIVERT F6 drive controllers are now being presented in two new sizes in addition to the previous performance range for motors up to 90 kW now providing the consistent features of the series for applications up to 315kW.

The all-in-one concept

This means that, in addition to universal motor operating modes for motors with or without feedback devices, the drive controllers enable flexible connection to higher-level control via EtherCAT, Profinet, Powerlink, Ethernet/IP and CAN, as well as the two encoder channels which provide speed and position feedback in a single piece of hardware.

Additionally the comprehensive range of integrated safety functions, previously implemented externally into the machine or system allows the protective measures with reduced system costs.
Application and handling are completed by the commissioning and diagnostics software COMBIVIS 6. In the current version, software wizards support the necessary adaptations enabling the drive system to be optimised to suit precise requirements without requiring great detailed knowledge or experience of KEB.

High-energy efficiency combined with excellent shaft characteristics are the key to powerful drive solutions. Typical applications include hoists, gantries, cranes, palletisers, feeders/extractors, and even extrusion and injection moulding.