Global Customer Relationship Haitian - KEB

In times of global market development products have become increasingly interchangeable and often properties like quality and performance are no longer perceived as unique features. Therefore the success of a company depends more and more on the ability to acquire and tie customers with good quality, technology and outstanding support in the long run.

For KEB this represents an important part in the OEM-handling of machine manufacturers, that is to bring together the national and international tasks. This is currently supported by 24 service stations worldwide – more are in planning.

One example for a successful cooperation with KEB is the Chinese company group Haitian International Holdings Limited.

KEB and Haitian look back on 10 years of close cooperation and partnership. In addition to the current energy-optimized servo-hydraulic machines KEB has developed solutions particularly for the high-performance range in all-electric injection molding machines of the Haitian subsidiary Zhafir.

At the opening of another production hall of Haitian International Germany GmbH in Ebermannsdorf KEB could present itself as local partner with an information booth.