Complete CNC solution

Suitably matched hardware and software components to create a complete solution:

KEB Automation provides a system including a software package of a dedicated Human Machine Interface and a CNC kernel for the movement interpolation. Furthermore, the complete solution – from the control down to the drive and motor including safety – can be used for different applications like milling, drilling and cutting.

These settings are made using standard programming languages (to IEC 61131-3 and DIN 66025). In addition, further G-code commands can be integrated and edited, and sub-programs retrieved in G-code. Amongst others, mathematical and logic expressions are supported, together with String Operators. The user is able to set different functions like “manual”, “macros”, “automatic” or “M code functions” in one function block.

Further machine functions are:

  • tool hopper handling
  • tool management
  • machine and workpiece coordinate system management
  • path setup
  • spindle management

As well as the clear software implementation, further factors contribute to cost optimisation. Standard tools and languages allow the machine to be operated for example by personnel with varying knowledge levels. The associated Human Machine Interface is designed for intuitive operation and offers convenient features for operating a CNC application. In addition, the solution is ready for Industry 4.0/IIoT using the remote maintenance platform COMBIVIS connect and COMBIVIS cloud.