Certificate of integrated safety

With the present certificate for Safety Module 3 (SM3), KEB Automation is expanding its portfolio in the field of functional safety. The new module offers extensive and scalable safety functions and is used in the COMBIVERT S6-A and F6-A drive controllers. Designed for the various tasks and applications of machine construction, the functions can be scaled flexibly.

"Integrated Safety" in the COMBIVERT S6 and F6: the new KEB Drive Controllers comprise servo amplifiers and drive inverters for power levels from 0.75 up to 90 kW at present, and - now available in two versions - provide extensive integrated safety functions.

The S6-A or F6-A with SM3 offer safe motion functionality according to IEC 61800-5-2 with motion-based secure monitoring directly in the drive.

The fault response time is improved in comparison with conventional structures. Costs are lowered since the need for separate protective devices is reduced or even eliminated. Parameters sets which are switchable to run time also allow safety functions to be adapted to status changes during operation.

In addition, the S6-/F6- units with SM3 have the facility for expansion in the serial EtherCAT communication. The secure field bus protocol "Safety over EtherCAT" (FSoE) allows all available safety functions to be controlled and secure measurement values (speed, position) and the switching state of the secure I/Os to be transmitted serially to the Safety PLC. Limit values of all safety functions relevant to machine safety can be adapted to the application at any time via FSoE. The result is tremendous flexibility and a significant saving in controls and wiring.

Scalable safety functions directly in the Drive Controller - now a reality for COMBIVERT S6 and F6. Safe torque off (STO), safe brake cutoff (SBC), safe operating stop (SOS), safe stop (SS1 and SS2), safe limit speed (SLS) and safe limit position (SLP), safe rotation direction (SDI), safe rotation speed monitoring (SSM), safe limit interval (SLI), safe maximum speed (SMS), safe limit acceleration (SLA).

In addition safe working area (SEL), safe acceleration range (SAR) and safe speed range (SSR) are possible.